The invisible world

  • Lifestyle influences microbiome

  • Fungi as super recyclers

  • the most powerful life on earth


  • microbes in extreme heat

    The microbiome of wildfires

  • superconductors

    A better world starts with microbes

  • Tripping truffles

  • Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

  • From mindless zombies to eating organs

    Microbe monsters

  • brain-gut-axis

    My Mind and My Microbes

  • microbial friends for life


  • Fermentation

  • Portfolio: Oak processionary caterpillar

  • Extremophiles

  • The Netherlands publishes national guide to probiotics with antibiotics

  • vaccinations

    Vaccines: immunity without illness

  • promising treatment

    Poo transplant

  • useful algae

    The green gold

  • Viruses: of vital importance

  • Potential replacement for wood, rubber, paper and even plastic.

    A fungal future

  • alternative to antibiotics

    Friendly viruses

  • Your body full of microbes

  • A valuable raw material from a worthless waste product

    Bioplastic fantastic

  • You can make the invisible life visible.


  • A world of possibilities

  • Kissing is never just between the two of you.

    Mouth to mouth

  • Microbes in the circle of life.

    Crucial cleaners

  • More than a 100.000 billion

  • Take a look behind the scenes

  • Why we need an Antibiotics Awareness Day.

    Antibiotic resistance

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    Microbes in the cold

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    Morning rituals

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