Frequently Asked Questions

Information regarding the trial opening at 16, 17 and 18 April


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trial opening


These questions apply from the closing on December 15, 2020.

When will Micropia close? 

Micropia will be closed to all visitors until further notice.

Why does Micropia have to close? 

The closure is due to the new corona measures announced during the press conference on Monday evening, December 14.

How long is Micropia closed? 

Micropia will be closed until further notice.

I have already bought a ticket to visit Micropia. Can I get my money back? 

Three to five working days before the reopening of Micropia, all visitors who have planned a visit over the next weeks will receive an e-mail with a code. This code can be used to book a new time slot to visit Micropia at another time.

Will my membership continue while Micropia is closed? 

To ensure the continuity of ARTIS and Micropia, your membership will continue during the closing. This third closure in one year is very hard for Micropia. In the previous closures in November and March, we offered compensation. We can't do that again this time. We sincerely hope for your understanding. If you do not agree to let your membership run its course, you can let us know before December 31st 2020. As always, you will be informed on time about renewing your membership when it expires. You then have up to 4 weeks before the renewal date to pass on a change. For any questions you can always contact the membership administration via email: or you can call us on 020 5233 670.

These questions temporarily don't apply starting December 15, 2020.

What are the opening hours?

 Micropia is open everyday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Opening times and prices

How long can my visit take with a start time/reservation?

You can stay as long as you like. However, we assume your visit will take around 1.5 hours.

What are the ticket prices?

The price for a normal entrance ticket (10 years and older) is € 16,00. An entrance ticket for children (3-9 years) is € 14,00. Children up to (and including) two years old can enter free of charge. Combination tickets for ARTIS - Micropia are available. The price of a normal combiticket (10 years and older) is € 29,50 and for children (3-9 years) it is € 24,50.

Can I buy a combi-ticket for ARTIS and Micropia?

Yes, you can now also buy combitickets for ARTIS and Micropia. Reserve your start time at Mijn ARTIS .

I am a student, can I go to Micropia with a student discount?

It is possible again to visit Micropia with a discount. Please note: it is obligatory to make a reservation via Mijn ARTIS . Login and click on ‘I already have an admission ticket, but am not a member’ to make a reservation. Before your visit, visit the box office to confirm your discount, and pay the remaining amount. After this, you can visit Micropia. You'll have to be able to show your proof of registration at the entrance.

*From 1 January 2021, all students of Dutch educational institutions may visit Micropia upon presentation of their student card with photo and proof of enrolment. The rates for students for ARTIS and Micropia are listed here .

I have a Museumcard/ IAmsterdam card, can I use it now?

Yes, visitors with a Museumcard/IAmsterdam card can use this. However: you will have to rmake a reservation at Mijn ARTIS . After you log in at Mijn ARTIS, click on 'I already have a Micropia entranceticket and I'm not a member.

I have a discount card for Micropia, can I use it now?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to visit Micropia with a discount as the cash registers are not open. We are investigating how we can process this option in our online booking options.

We have a 'zorgkaart'. Can we visit Micropia?

It's possible to visit 'Micropia with a 'zorgkaart', but you'll have to reserve a start time online at  beforehand. Log in and click on 'I already have a Micropia-ticket and I'm not a member' to make a reservation. Visit the box office before your visit to confirm your discount, and pay the rest of the ticketprice.Afterwards you can visit Micropia.

Why won’t I get the normal 2 euro discount for booking my online starting time?

At this moment, no distinction is made between online tickets and tickets bought at the box office. Therefore we use the regular ticket prices for all entrance tickets.


Entrance tickets and start times


Why do I have to make a reservation?

Reserving a start time is mandatory. In this way we can regulate the maximum amount of visitors and therefore ensure that everyone's visit to Micropia is safe and responsible.

For whom do I have to make a reservation?

All visitors to Micropia will require a reservation. Please also make a reservation for infants aged 0–2 .

Is it also possible to make a reservation at the ticket booth and enter straight away?

No, reserving is only possible online. You can make a reservation at Mijn ARTIS .

When can I enter with a reservation?

You can enter Micropia with a start time in between the time span of 30 minutes, there is no timelimit to your visit. Micropia's entrance is temporarily moved to the Plantage Kerklaan (streetside).

I'm not a member, but I do have a ticket for Micropia and would like to visit. Can I reserve a start time as well?

You can make a reservation at Mijn ARTIS . After you log in at Mijn ARTIS, click on 'I already have a Micropia entranceticket and I'm not a member'.

I've made a reservation, but won't be able to make it. Can I cancel?

You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours in advance. When you cancel your reservation later than these 24 hours, you're at risk to pay €2.50 for the cost of a start time that can't be used anymore. You can cancel by clicking on this link and fill in the contact form. After you complete and send this form, the cancellation is final. We can't reschedule your reservation. If you want to visit ARTIS or Micropia at another day or time, you'll have to make a new reservation yourself.


Visit, safety and hygiene


Do I have to wear a face mask during my visit?

It is mandatory for visitors of 13 years and older to wear a face mask in indoor locations like Micropia. Micropia complies with the policy of the government, the local security region and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Please stay at home if you are in the high-risk category or are experiencing symptoms.

With how many people can I visit Micropia?

You can visit Micropia with your family or household, or a group of maximum 4 people which are not a part of your household.

Has a fixed route been marked out for this reduced opening?

In connection to the safety measures, we have introduced one-way traffic in the museum (1.5 metres between members of different households). In addition to this, we have signposted a route to minimise the extent to which people cross paths. Crowd-control staff will also be on hand should visitors require any advice on routes. We ask our visitors to keep 1.5 meters distance and follow the instructions of the Micropia staff.

What extra hygiene measures will Micropia take?

Micropia complies with the safety regulations mandated by the RIVM. The cleaners will carry out more daily cleaning rounds, we have installed extra hand-washing stations and disinfectant is available.

Are all parts of the museum accessible?

Besides a few spots where 1.5 meter distance wasn't managable, everything is accessible.

Where can I park my car or bicycle?

There are certain bike spots available next to Micropia to park your bike. At the beginning of the ARTIS car park are various spaces for your bike available. If you park you bike in other spots, you’re at risk that your bike will be removed.

Where can I find the entrance?

You can find the entrance at the original spot at the Artisplein. You can find the map  with the entrance here.

Is the car park open as usual?

The car park is open. You can only validate your day tarif parking ticket at the cargo bike next to the exit near the flamingos. You can no longer pay at the ticket office or in the shop. The payment machine on the forecourt is closed as well.

Where can I pay for my parking ticket?

You can only pay by the cargo bike next to the exit near the flamingos and Artisplein. You can no longer pay at the ticket office or in the shop. The payment machine on the forecourt is closed as well.

Is there a coat check/ are the lockers available?

The lockers are not available at the moment. Luggage cannot currently be stowed.

Can we visit the museum shop?

Yes, you can visit the museum shop.

Are the toilets accessible?

Toilets are accessible to visitors in all areas. Fewer toilets are available, however, and only a limited number of people are allowed in at the same time. The toilets will also be cleaned more often.

Do activities like 'The lab talks' still take place?

Due to the new route 'Microbes: best served cold', ARTIS-Micropia is organizing The lab talks again from 1 December. The lab talks take place daily at 13.00 and 16.00 hours in the museum. The lab talks of December shows how snowflakes are created with the help of bacteria. 

How does Micropia ensure that the safety measures concerning corona are observed at the Lab talks?

Given the corona measures, The lab talks is not traditionally held in front of the Micropia laboratory, but on the first floor in front of the large screen. This location not only offers more space, but visitors can also follow The lab talks from the top floor. In this way, visitors can listen in and ask questions under the watchful eye of the audience supervisors at a distance of 1.5 meters. 

Are there any installments concerning the coronavirus at Micropia?

Since September 1, Micropia has a new museum exhibit 'Corona goes viral'. With this display, Micropia wants to provide background information on the current corona pandemic. Have a look at this  page for more information about the exhibit. There are also glass modelsof other well-known viruses like the hiv-virus of the adeno-virus (a cold-virus qhich has the same shape of the coronavirus) present on the ground floor of the museum. These glass models were made by Luke Jerram, a british visual artist.