• I am disabled. Can Micropia accommodate me?

Micropia is, for the most part, accessible to wheelchair users. Visitors with a disability should report to the Micropia desk. There is an elevator and a toilet for the disabled.

The ARTIS & Micropia parking fees apply for the disabled parking spaces in the parking facility.

  • Are animals allowed in Micropia?

Assistance dogs are allowed in Micropia, or other animals are not. Are you also visiting ARTIS? Click here for more information about assistance dogs in ARTIS.

  • Where can I leave my jacket or other personal items?

There is an unmonitored coatroom available and there are small lockers for personal items.

  • Can I bring food and drink to Micropia?

Food and drink may not be taken inside the museum.

  • Are there restrooms available in Micropia?

At the groundfloor there are restroom facilities available. On the first floor (accessible by elevator) there is a toilet for the disabled.

  • Are there baby changing rooms/nursing rooms available in Micropia?

There are baby changing facilities available at ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo. This includes a nursing mother's room. If you require these facilities, ask at the ticket booth of ARTIS for access.

  • What are the terms and conditions for visitors?

Micropia is part of ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo. Go to artis.nl for the terms and conditions for visitors .