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What do microbes eat? How long do they live? The lab technician is at home in a world that remains invisible to most people and he or she can take you there through his or her eyes.

Lab Talk: Cyanobacteria and the stromatolite

Did you know that cyanobacteria were crucial for the emergence of life on Earth? About 3.5 billion years ago, they were the first to develop photosynthesis. In a CO2-rich, oxygen-free atmosphere, these algae had a significant advantage over other microbes.

Thanks to this handy trick and because they had almost no enemies, the number of cyanobacteria exploded. In shallow water, they formed stromatolites. Since last month, you can admire a fossil of a stromatolite at ARTIS-Micropia.

This month, the lab technicians will tell you more about cyanobacteria and stromatolites during the daily 'lab talks’ at ARTIS-Micropia.

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