9 years of ARTIS-Micropia

On Saturday, September 30th, ARTIS-Micropia will celebrate its 9th anniversary. To mark this occasion, there will be a special workshop on the ground floor of the museum. Follow in the footsteps of the famous Dutch scientist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. Create your own microscope, just as he did in the 17th century, and explore the world of microorganisms with your own eyes.

What can you expect?

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to create your own microscope. With this homemade microscope, you can observe microorganisms that are normally invisible to the naked eye. Throughout the workshop, you'll be able to examine various microbes, and of course, you can take your microscope home to discover even more.

When Saturday, September 30, 2023
Where ARTIS-Micropia ground floor
Time between 13.30 and 15.30

Age: Anyone who can handle scissors
Admission: To participate in the workshop, you'll need a ticket for ARTIS-Micropia.

If you don't have a ticket yet, you can purchase one in advance online or on-site at the museum. Participation in the workshop is on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to arrive on time because the number of available spots is limited.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the world of microorganisms and to create your own microscope. Don't miss out! Come to ARTIS-Micropia and celebrate its 9th anniversary.

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