"Man is at the heart of all developments and innovations at Philips. Through improving the quality of life with valuable and meaningful innovations."

"Our vision is of Philips employing innovation to make the world healthier and more sustainable. That is why we have given ourselves the challenge of improving the lives of three billion people by the end of 2025. What’s more, we want to be the very best employer while still providing superior value to our customers. Philips operates in consumer electronics, healthcare and lighting. Our hallmarks are a drive to win, taking responsibility yourself and the conviction that working together will allow us to excel.

Natura Artis Magistra: nature is the teacher of art and science. Widening and deepening knowledge of and insight into the natural world and, as far as this project is concerned, microbiology, improves the quality of life. The knowledge acquired is essential to healthcare. This can all be seen as an extension of the Philips’ mission: to employ innovation to make the world healthier and more sustainable. By spreading and sharing knowledge and by interesting people in this field of study, we will anchor this science in the Netherlands.

Philips is extremely enthusiastic and proud to have collaborated with Micropia’s passionate design team in developing this wonderful experience. Our contribution of the right light, design and feel adds to the whole Micropia experience. We have employed innovation to make the idea of Micropia real. Philips, Innovation and You."