Philips Signage Solutions

Philips Signage Solutions made a valuable contribution towards making Micropia a reality.

"We are proud to have joined Micropia in making microbes, too small to be seen by the naked eye, visible to the general public via the museum’s impressive video wall. We hope this will help boost Micropia’s educational work. It is also an honour to have one of the most advanced technologies in the Philips Signage Solutions portfolio located in such a beautiful 19th-century building.

Innovation and an approach which puts man and nature at its heart are important core values of the Philips brand. To develop new technologies which really make a difference to our customers and the environment in which they live. We believe that this requires a precise understanding of what people really want and need. We recognise the same involvement and passion for perfection in Artis and this has brought us closer together during the development of Micropia, the world’s first museum of micro-organisms.

Micropia represents a marvellous addition to ARTIS. It is a place where science meets the everyday world and where we can do business. A splendid and innovative billboard on which Philips Signage Solutions is happy to put its name."

Philips Signage Solutions

Philips Signage Solutions is managed by MMD, a full subsidiary of TPV. It was set up in 2009 via a brand licence agreement with Philips. MMD, a technology market leader, exclusively markets Philips professional screens. By marrying Philips’ brand promise to TPV’s screen production expertise, and by employing a swift and targeted approach, MMD can market innovative products. MMD is an international business with European headquarters in Amsterdam and operates through its network of local sales agents together with all the important European IT distributors and resellers. The company’s design and development centres are based in Taiwan and Amsterdam.