The Hydrochip can be seen at Micropia. The chip determines and measures which diatom algae are living in water. These algae are not visible to the naked eye

"The hydrochip’s information allows scientists and water managers to measure water quality exactly. You could say that the chip can measure in one go just how healthy water is. The diatom algae look beautiful through the microscope: they are just like living ice crystals. Plants and animals that live in water need it to be clean. Water used to produce drinking water also has to be clean. The chip will soon allow us to measure how clean our water is and to decide quickly whether measures are necessary if it is in some way contaminated.

Scientists and water managers are collaborating as part of an EU Life project to manufacture the chip. The organisations involved are the TNO research institute, the Holland Northern District Water Board (HHNK), the Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA), the Amsterdam regional water company Waternet and the Vitens water supply company."