Education at Micropia

Micropia’s education programme allows us to enter an unknown world. The micro-world is enormous and yet invisible. Microbiology is an integral part of the school curriculum. However, the lack of specialist knowledge among teachers and of equipment in the classroom mean schools find it difficult to cover the subject. Micropia can help.

It is important to give students an idea of the micro-world which is set to affect us more and more over the coming years. Micropia’s education programme allows students to discover the micro-world all around them. It also provides them with an idea of careers in microbiology, both in the practical field and in research. Micropia offers a total education package. This means that teachers and pupils can prepare beforehand for their visit and can take part in an appraisal in class afterwards. Our aim is to give pupils a long-term interest in microbiology and to keep them hooked on this fascinating subject.