"PresTop Products is one of the partners of Micropia. The built-in touch screens which allow the information on micro-organisms to be experienced interactively were made by PresTop Products."

"The built-in touch screens help visitors access information and get an idea of the extraordinary world of micro-organisms in a useful yet enjoyable way. PresTop Products, based in Best in the Netherlands, always welcomes the challenge of providing innovative solutions when it comes to touch screens and touch screen technology. With more than 20 years of experience in this specialist area, PresTop Products was more than able to satisfy all the special demands made by Micropia. The world of micro-organisms, for many people undiscovered territory, will provide an exciting experience which PreTop Products is happy to support and sponsor. PresTop Products hopes that visitors enjoy and learn from their interactive experience and trusts that it has helped make this unique invisible world accessible to the general public."