Plane Tree Salon

Hold a relaxed meeting under a sky-blue ceiling created in 1872.

Lose yourself in thought while you take in the view of Artisplein with its plane trees and Dutch polder aviary. Spoonbills and other wading birds live here in the type of landscape provided by the Amsterdam area before it became a busy metropolis.

The Plane Tree Salon is in the North Pavilion of de Ledenlokalen building. The wallpaper was inspired by the bark of plane trees. Its colours and patterns have the character of constellations of stars. Admire the still life pictures from the ARTIS collection which grace the walls.

This room is suitable for informal gatherings on the fringe of meetings, dinners or other occasions. The Plane Tree Salon can be used in combination with the Bamboo Room, Founders Room and Pagoda Tree Vestibule.

We will also be happy to help you organise your conference or meeting in the whole of the North Pavilion.

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The Plane Tree Salon with its view over the Dutch Polder Landscape and Artisplein.


The sky-blue ceiling created in 1872.

The Dutch Polder Landscape, home to the world’s largest collection of spoonbills.

Plane Tree Salon  
reception 10 people
meeting or discussion 6 people