Micropia Art and Design Award - Open Call 2024

– March 5, 2024

Are you an artist, designer, or student at an art academy, working in the field of bio art & design? Have you made works relating to microbes or microbiology, that push the boundaries between art and science? Would you like your work to be exhibited in the Amsterdam-based museum ARTIS-Micropia? Then we highly recommend you submit your work for the ARTIS-Micropia Art & Design Award 2024! You may be one of the three winners whose artwork will be exhibited in Micropia, the only microbe museum in the world that attracts over 100.000 visitors a year.

Deadline: April 28, 2024 (23:59 CET)


The award aims to offer a platform for contemporary microbiology-related art and design. ARTIS-Micropia will curate an exhibition of art and design projects that explore relations between art and/or design, science, and microbiology. This could, for example, include works that:

  • Examine the social, cultural, and ethical contexts of microbiology through the arts.
  • Foster the development of art/design projects with potential practical applications.
  • Challenge preconceived notions and stereotypes associated with microbes by presenting them in new and unexpected ways, fostering a deeper understanding of their role in nature and human life.

Who can submit:

Artists and designers with a keen interest in the sciences, who have created artworks related to microbiology. Artists must maintain a professional practice, which is evident from the artist’s oeuvre. Applicants must be citizens of EEA countries or Switzerland or have a Dutch residence permit. 

What to submit:

Every submitted work must be completed at the time of its submission. We can only accept existing work. The works will be exhibited inside the museum and should not be wider than three meters in diameter, taller than two meters in height, and heavier than 200 kg in weight. It should be available for the duration of five months and be low maintenance.

How to apply:

Applications can be sent digitally to Please submit your application in PDF format. Attachments should not exceed a total size of 20 MB. If you have video material that exceeds this limit, please provide a link.

Please include:

  • Images (JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG) of the specific artwork at high resolution. 
  • A portfolio of the artists’ oeuvre.
  • A curriculum vitae of the artist.
  • A clear, detailed description of the artistic concept, the form of interaction, and technical implementation; since specific prerequisites have to be fulfilled for an onsite presentation to take place. 
  • The project’s specifications as to hardware, software, and spatial requirements should be as detailed as possible. Please make sure to clearly state the dimensions. 
  • At the entrant’s option, additional material such as images, videos, documents, and drawings (as PNG or PDF) can also be submitted.

What you will be awarded

If selected, your work will be displayed for five months in an exhibition at ARTIS-Micropia, an internationally renowned science museum in Amsterdam. Additionally, we provide an artist's fee of 1350 euros per work of art, following


After the deadline of April 28, 2024 (deadline 23.59 CET), the jury will select three works of art for exhibition in the museum.


Open Call February 28, 2024
Deadline Open Call April 28, 2024
Selection May 24, 2024
Exhibition September 15, 2024 - February 15, 2025


Corinne Mulder (Art Coordinator at ARTIS-Micropia)
Judith de Bruijn (Art and Heritage Specialist at ARTIS)
Caroline Verweij (Head of Education, Art & Heritage at ARTIS)
Thomas Swierts (Head of ARTIS-Micropia) 
Maurizio Montalti (Designer and Artist)


  • The degree of innovation and originality in exploring the intersection of art, design, and microbiology.
  • The clarity and depth of the artistic concept.
  • The overall quality of the submitted artwork and its aesthetic appeal.
  • The potential for the artwork to engage and educate visitors about the world of microbes.
  • The strength and consistency of the artist's professional practice, as evident from the submitted portfolio.
  • The practicality of exhibiting the submitted work inside the museum, considering size, weight, and maintenance requirements.

We aim to select a versatile mix of artworks. 

Special conditions

  • ARTIS-Micropia offers transportation services within the Netherlands, with expenses covered by ARTIS-Micropia. Outside the Netherlands, transportation is at your own cost.
  • Your artwork will be added to ARTIS-Micropia insurance policy the day of its arrival until the end of the exhibition. 
  • Images of selected works of art may be used by ARTIS-Micropia for communicative purposes. 

Why this Art & Design Award?

ARTIS is 186 years old and one of the 5 oldest zoos in the world. It was founded under the name Natura Artis Magistra, meaning nature is the teacher of arts and science. This makes ARTIS a unique and historic location and a thriving hub for artists. Here, art and nature have been intertwined for decades. And still today, ARTIS continues to fulfil its role as an inspirational location through collaboration with artists.


For questions and/or suggestions please write to