Become a member

If you would like to enjoy Micropia all year long, become a member today. You can only add a Micropia membership to an existing ARTIS membership. That means you are supporting all the activities of ARTIS while you benefit from the many advantages.


  Micropia & ARTIS-membership
Ages (0-2*)  free
Ages (3-17*)  € 68,00  (ARTIS-membership+ € 10,00)
18+ € 92,00 (ARTIS-membership + € 10,00)

*Recommended age for Micropia: 8 and up

  • Extra membership = extra discount

Membership rates: An ARTIS-membership is cheaper than you think. Per address you will receive a discount of € 25.00 when taking out a membership from a third member.

Become a member? 

To become a member, just go to the nearest Micropia or ARTIS ticket window. One of our staff will take your picture and generate your membership pass on the spot, so you can start enjoying the benefits of membership right away. 

Membership benefits

  • Free entry to Micropia and the ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo all year long.
  • Free subscription to ARTIS, including the latest from the field of microbiology, the latest developments at Micropia and stories from the world of micronature.
  • Special membership prices for the ARTIS Academy programme offerings, like the Microbiology lecture series.
  • 10% discount on purchases in the gift shop (excluding books).
  • Discount parking in the ARTIS parking facility, 150 m from the entrance to Micropia and the ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo.
  • A limited number of 'Bring-a-Friend' coupons allowing free entry to the ARTIS park for guests (not valid for Micropia).
  • 10% discount in all restaurants.
  • Discount on a maximum of four extra admission tickets to the ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo (not valid for Micropia).
  • Two free admissions to ZOO Antwerp or Planckendael.
  • 50% discount on admission to Diergaarde Blijdorp and Burgers’ Zoo and a 25% discount on admission to WILDLANDS.
  • Discount admission to other member parks of the Dutch Zoo Federation

Gift membership 

A membership also makes an ideal gift. Purchase a gift membership at any ticket window.

The value of your membership

A Micropia & ARTIS membership represents a great deal of value. With your membership, you are supporting the care of our animals, plants and Micropia, as well as the maintenance of this historic park, nature and environmental education, international breeding and reintroduction programmes and nature conservation.

Already a member of ARTIS? 

ARTIS members can take advantage of the special offer. For just € 10.00* extra per member, you too can enjoy unlimited access to Micropia. The regular price of admission to Micropia is € 17.50 so this benefit pays for itself after your first visit. To add Micropia to your ARTIS-membership, just visit a Micropia or ARTIS ticket window.