A better world starts with microbes

Food shortages, climate change, environmental degradation, a scarcity of resources. We live in a time that cries out for change. Fortunately, microbes are helping us with all kinds of sustainable solutions. From October 4 to October 31, visitors to Micropia will discover the smart solutions microbes can use to secure our future. 

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During "A Better World Begins with Microbes," Micropia is full of sustainable applications involving microbes. Using 10 sections in the museum, you will learn about microbes on your plate during your visit, from algae fuel and bacterial plastic, to fungal slippers and a soil improver made from elephant dung. Not only are microbes essential in our past and present, they are also indispensable to our future. From healthier food and green biofuels, to circular materials, clean drinking water and less waste. This temporary exhibition shows the endless possibilities of microbes.

The Lab talks about sustainable bacteria

Drinking water is increasingly being cleaned using special bacteria. Every day at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., you can hear from a real Micropia lab technician exactly how these bacteria make environmentally harmful chlorine unnecessary. 

Smart microbes at home 

During the temporary exhibition A better world starts with microbes, every child will receive their own experiment kit to take home after their visit. Take your time and get to know the microbes on your phone, food or on your own body. Visit Micropia starting October 4 to get your experiment kit. See you at Micropia!