Dutch Polder Landscape

The Dutch polder landscape is unique. It has its own regional culture and is a natural symbol of our national identity.

This landscape is represented by a large aviary in Artisplein. It is a major part of our history, because Amsterdam would not have existed without the food supply provided by the Dutch polder. We at ARTIS believe it is important to focus on the wealth and beauty of our own natural world in the Netherlands.

The aviary has a typically Dutch pollarded willow and ditch. The idea is not to copy the polder landscape but, as it were, to transplant it here. The world’s largest collection of spoonbills (Platalea leucorodia) is what catches the eye. However, the polder is also home to other Dutch wading birds, such as the Northern lapwing, the black-tailed godwit, the redshank and the pied avocet.

Spoonbills (Platalea leucorodia).