3 x activities in ARTIS during Museum Night

As in previous years, ARTIS-Micropia, the ARTIS-Planetarium and the ARTIS-Aquarium will all be open during the annual Museum Night. 

Experience nature from the miniscule to the massive during the Museum Night in ARTIS. Observe how invisible life is made visible in Micropia. Imagine yourself in the underwater world in the Aquarium. Or take a fractal trip in the Planetarium.

When Saturday 2 November
Where ARTIS-Micropia, ARTIS-Planetarium en het Aquarium
What time 19.00 to 02.00 uur
Price of admission Tickets for the Museum Night are sold out.

A crash course on brewing beer in ARTIS-Micropia

This summer, the Micropia biologists joined forces with brewers at Oedipus to create their very own beer using wild yeasts captured in ARTIS: Wild Microbe Ale. Without microbes, of course, there would be no beer. But what is it about yeasts and other microbes that makes them so essential for brewing beer? Come to the crash course on brewing beer in ARTIS-Micropia during the Museum Night and find out.

MICROBENBIER 1920X1080.jpg

On a visual journey in the Planetarium

From diatom to cauliflower and from cacti to solar systems: nature is full of them. We're talking, of course, about fractals. A fractal is an object where a portion of that object is identical to the object as a whole. Are you still following? During the Museum Night, ARTIS-Planetarium will introduce these mathematical structures in nature and allow you to step into new fractal realities. For this occasion, Julius Horsthuis has developed the film Fractal Time, which will be shown in the Planetarium for the first time ever during the Museum Night. Settle in for the premier of this visual journey. For a sneak peek, watch the teaser embedded below.

Underwater compositions in the ARTIS aquarium

The underwater world is actually a noisy place. Fish, coral, lobsters, starfish, seahorses and shrimp all make sounds of their own. During Museum Night, dive into the sounds of the underwater world and listen to the different compositions that exist. What's more: you'll discover the sounds we make that can be picked up by sea creatures. The songs and oral storytelling of singer Milou Mignon are inspired by life underwater; she sings about oysters, plastic soup and whale symphonies. Especially for Museum Night, she has created a musical experience in the Aquarium.

Milou will perform with musicians Wesley Fransen (beats & samples) and Robbi Meertens (guitar) at 21:00, 22:30, 00:00 and 01:00.