"VWR contributes to the progress of crucial scientific research all over the world by supplying a wide range of varied product lines not only to important pharmaceutical and life science companies but also to industry, government institutions and the healthcare and educational sectors."

"VWR’s clients choose from a wide selection of first-class products, including chemicals, furniture, equipment, clothing and consumer goods sourced from a range of leading scientific manufacturers. We offer everything necessary to support successful laboratory research.

Its 160 years of market experience allows VWR to offer customers support through combining effort, vision and innovation with a sound distribution network reaching out to thousands of specialised laboratories and institutes all over the world. VWR does more than just supply products: it contributes to the progress of the world’s most crucial research. Relying on VWR’s expertise in supply chain and logistical services leaves clients free to concentrate on their own specific area of work. VWR helps specialised research sites and laboratories work as efficiently as possible. These management services range from procurement to the integration of supply chain.

VWR employs 8,000 people in 35 countries worldwide who work to streamline the way in which researchers in North America, Europe and Asia manage stock control and laboratory equipment maintenance. VWR also supports customers by offering on-site service, stock control, product purchase, the integration of supply systems and technical services.

Our global market share continues to expand. Our guiding principle remains that the customer’s best interest lies in the accessibility and reliability of local sales teams.

In today’s economic climate, VWR helps its clients optimise purchases to keep on track with increased productivity and reduced costs.

VWR International LLC’s headquarters is in Radnor, Pennsylvania (USA). Its global turnover in 2013 was over $ 4.1 billion."

VWR and Micropia

"VWR's vision is simple: 'We Enable Science'. Our mission is to make scientific progress possible throughout the world. That is why VWR is especially proud to be able to support Micropia, the place where science meets the general public. Teaching young people about microbes and what they can be used for will result in a new generation of science enthusiasts. This is how we, together with Micropia, will make science possible!"