"Research demands a modern, user-friendly working environment. A customised laboratory or workshop which dovetails with user work and needs."

"And which has precisely that practical solution which clients may not have even thought of themselves. That is what S+B provides, from the very first idea to the last plug in the socket.

Anyone can make a straight table. S+B’s motto, however, is: innovating rather than copying. It means that you have to keep reinventing the wheel as far as shape is concerned. This has led to innovative lab design in countless hospitals, laboratories, companies and educational institutions.

S+B only works with high-quality materials, including Corian®, which is extremely durable and can be produced in all colours. This enables S+B interior designs to be really engaging. S+B is more than happy to work together with the people who are going to be using its products. After all, no one knows better than they do the demands which their lab must meet. The users provide the demands, S+B the expertise."