"Chrisal has spent 25 years specialising in the development and manufacture of products for the sustainable cleaning and caring of humans, animals and their environment."

"Multi-resistant super-bacteria have developed as a result of the long-term use of antibiotics, disinfectants and other dangerous chemical substances (such as chlorine). These substances no longer guarantee essential safety and hygiene. They also constitute a real assault on the environment.

Chrisal has developed a broad range of cleaning and care products based on live beneficial bacteria known as probiotic bacteria. These probiotic products remove all the surface dirt during cleaning and care so that dangerous germs can no longer use it as a food source. This process renders the surface microflora harmless, considerably reducing the risk of pathogens and other harmful micro-organisms (such as those causing bad smells). Resistance is not developed because probiotic products do not directly kill other micro-organisms. Furthermore, probiotic bacteria are 100% natural and help the environment by promoting waste-water purification.

After more than a decade of clinical research in various international university hospitals, Chrisal has shown that probiotic hygiene is the only sustainable solution for humans and animals alike. Amsterdam’s highly respected Artis zoo has chosen Chrisal probiotic products for cleaning its animal houses. The opening of Micropia is the perfect opportunity for Chrisal to introduce our revolutionary technology to the general public.

The ISO9001 and EU Ecolabel certificates guarantee that Chrisal is a high-quality partner for those in search of reliable sustainable hygiene. Visit the website of Chrisal for more information about this technology and for a complete overview of Chrisal products."