Visit Micropia as well

Combine a conference, meeting or celebration with a visit to Micropia.

Meet your microbes

Make a journey through your body with the bodyscan and discover which microbes live in your gut and which important functions they fulfill. Or do you want to know more about the microbes in your mouth? And how a French kiss influences this oral microbiota? Learn all about the exchange of microbes through kissing at Micropia’s kiss-o-meter.

Discover the invisible life

Microbes live in and on us, but they are also everywhere around us. Want to know more about algae? Micropia has many live micro-algae species on display and shows their important functions in our society. And did you know there are bacteria that can produce light? Or that a water bear can survive extreme temperatures, pressure and radiation?

One thing is sure: after visiting Micropia, you will never see yourself, or the world, in the same way again.

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