Pagoda Tree Vestibule

Enjoy holding a reception surrounded by Pagoda Tree leaves and branches.

For years, the Pagoda Tree Vestibule was used by ARTIS Royal Zoo for the reception of representatives from the worlds of trade, industry and the arts and sciences. Since 1870, the vestibule has connected all the lower-floor rooms. People using the rooms nowadays still meet each other in this space. It has a 19th-century feel but its wallpaper, brass bar and imposing light fittings are all of modern design. Walk through the marble hallway off the entrance square and enjoy a welcome drink in the peace of the Pagoda Tree Vestibule.

The Pagoda Tree Vestibule is in the North Pavilion and the doors to the Founders Room, the Bamboo Room and the Plane Tree Salon lead directly from it. The venue can also serve as a central reception area during celebrations, meetings or dinners.

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The brass bar in the Pagoda Tree Vestibule.


The marble hallway leading into the North Pavilion from the entrance square.


The wallpaper inspired by Pagoda Tree leaves and branches.