Mission and vision

ARTIS inspires and encourages a broad public to deal with nature responsibly. ARTIS is a place that forges connections, bringing people and nature together in imaginative ways and fostering discussion about how nature is valued, understood and treated by humans. It is impossible to fully understand the interconnectivity of the natural world without knowledge of the most powerful, most successful and, at the same time, the smallest life form: micro-organisms.


Micropia shows the invisible, introducing a wide public to the world of the microbe. There is information about current issues and on the effect microbes have on man and nature and the possibilities they offer us. Micropia, by means of her museum, activities and website, will connect scientists, politicians, the business community, students, school pupils, journalists, and everyone who is interested.


Micropia connects science with its various stakeholders, encouraging a wide public to discover microbiology from an early age. That is how Micropia will boost the image of microbiology in our society, leading to more students, more co-operation between the various stakeholders, more support from society at large and more innovation. In the process, Micropia is set to become an international platform for microbiology.


  1. To introduce the general public to microbiology and encourage interest in it, stressing its importance and possibilities for man and nature.
  2. To provide a platform connecting scientists, students, school pupils, politicians, the business community, journalists, investors and everyone who is interested.
  3. To offer a location where people involved in microbiology can meet and engage and inspire a wide public.
  4. To encourage students and school pupils to choose studies and further studies in science or a scientific career, and to attract students from the Netherlands and abroad to Amsterdam.