Lecture series The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease

By Micropia professor Remco Kort and various guest lecturers.

Every human being carries along over a hundred thousand billion microbes. In five lectures, you will be introduced to various microbiota, groups of microbes found in and on your body. You will learn what they are composed of and how they function when you are healthy or indeed when you are sick. This will be illustrated by scientific research currently being conducted at several knowledge institutions and universities.

The lecture series will address how our current knowledge about the human microbiome can be used for diagnosis, prognosis and interventions. This year the lecture series will take partly place at the ARTIS-Planetarium. Therefore, a special session is included about planetary health and astrobiology.   


The human microbiome in health and disease 2023 (Jan 9 - Jan 30 2023) at the Lecture hall at ARTIS and the ARTIS-Planetarium in Amsterdam. 

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