These are the selected works for the Micropia Art & Design Awards 2024

– May 16, 2024

After weeks of deliberation, the jury of the Micropia Art & Design Awards has unveiled the chosen works from the Open Call 2024. Amidst a pool of 35 diverse and international submissions, four pieces have emerged victorious. These selected works will be exhibited this autumn in ARTIS-Micropia.

These artists and creations have been selected:

  • Fluid Dialogues by Basse Stittgen in collaboration with microENVISION, Juan Arturo Garcia, Andrès Garcia Vidal and the House of HIV
  • You Are What You Eat by Maksud Ali Mondal
  • Expanded Self by Sonja Bäumel
  • Mould & Dust by Vika Mitrichenko

Each submission underwent rigorous evaluation against a set of criteria established by the jury. Factors such as innovation, artistic concept clarity, aesthetic appeal, educational potential, and the artist's professional practice were carefully considered in the selection process.

Jury Statement:

Our curated selection showcases an exciting mix of artworks. Some works utilize microbes to explore social and geopolitical themes, deeply infused with personal and emotional undertones, inviting observers to reflect on contemporary issues through a microscopic lens. Other pieces highlight how microbes shape both nature and the human body. These works eloquently demonstrate that microbes are not merely subjects within art but are co-creators, their existence fundamental to crafting the artistic narrative.

The exhibition this autumn

ARTIS-Micropia eagerly looks forward to exhibiting these works in the upcoming exhibition this autumn. Stay tuned to the Micropia website and social media channels for further updates and announcements regarding the exhibition schedule and related events.