Micropia lets go of 1.5 meter as of 25 September

– Sept. 17, 2021

Good news! As of Saturday, September 25, Micropia is releasing the mandatory 1.5 meter clearance and the microbes museum may reopen according to its normal capacity.

Micropia will also remain accessible as a museum and flow-through location without a mandatory corona admission ticket. 

Micropia is releasing the measures step by step, therefore it is still necessary to reserve a start time for the time being. The 1.5 meter distance is no longer mandatory, but is still advised. Micropia will also continue to draw the attention of its visitors to the basic rules, in order to guarantee a pleasant visit for everyone.

The most important changes for your visit to Micropia as of Saturday, September 25

  • The 1.5-meter distance is no longer mandatory, but remains an urgent recommendation
  • Micropia is accessible without the mandatory corona ticket at the main entrance
  • Reserving a start time remains necessary for a while. Only ARTIS members, Friends and members of the ARTIS Society can enter without a start time, but upon showing their (membership) pass at any given time. They will be further informed about this via the newsletter
  • There are no longer any restrictions on the number of visitors
  • The Business & Events department will inform existing and new customers about the modified measures for business events. 

For more information, we also refer you to the page Frequently Asked Questions .