ARTIS-Micropia to reopen for public on June 1

– May 28, 2020

ARTIS-Micropia will open its doors from Monday June 1. Several security and sanitary measures have been taken to enable a safe and educational experience for all visitors. Examples include fewer visitors to the museum at a time and a walking route. Everyone will also be required to book a start time in advance. 'It is important in these times especially to talk about the positive relationship between humans and microbes: the majority of microbes are harmless and even essential to our health', explained microbiologist and head of Micropia, Jasper Buikx.

Temporary measures

Along with the rest of ARTIS, Micropia will apply start times, requiring people until further notice to buy an admission ticket as well as book a date and time slot on the website ahead of their visit. The museum has clearly set out one-way walking routes to safeguard a distance of 1.5 metres to other visitors and staff. Various sanitary measures have been taken, including the provision of disinfectant materials at a number of locations and frequently cleaning exhibits. A temporary entrance has been created at Plantage Kerklaan to prevent visitors from bumping into each other while arriving at or departing from the museum. For the time being, the original entrance at Artisplein will serve as an exit. Finally, school visits will only resume in the new school year.

Viruses: the good and the bad

Because of the coronavirus, the reputation of viruses seems worse than ever before. Many people who hear the word ‘virus’ only think of dangerous pathogens. While we are sometimes confronted with such an enemy – the coronavirus, for example – we usually cannot do without them; we cannot exist and survive without microbes. A lot of viruses restrict the number of potentially harmful bacteria within our bodies. Viruses have also proven to be useful for genetic research. Are you interested in what exactly the coronavirus is and what its origins are? You will discover more about it during a visit to Micropia, when you can pose your questions to one of the museum's lab technicians.


Are you currently unable to visit Micropia? There is still a lot to see and do even if you are staying at home, because our lab technicians are continuing their online vlogs. The website also allows you to download home experiments, free learning materials and microbial colouring pages. To find all information, please visit .