ARTIS-Micropia Experience in Delft welcomes 10,000th visitor

– Nov. 8, 2019

Today, DSM had more to celebrate than just its 150th anniversary. The pop-up Micropia Experience Klein Leven, Grote Impact: Microben bepalen onze wereld (Small Life, Major Impact: Microbes determine our world) welcomed its 10,000th visitor today. To mark this milestone, the lucky visitor was awarded a special tour of the exhibition led by the head of Micropia, Jasper Buikx. He also received a hotel stay in Amsterdam, as well as a private tour of ARTIS and Micropia.

On September 4th ARTIS-Micropia and DSM presented the ARTIS-Micropia Experience to celebrate 150 years of biotechnological innovations. This temporary exhibition is designed by the makers of Micropia, where the invisible world of microbes is made visible for the last five years. This is first time you can experience this unique experience is outside Micropia.

The Micropia Experience in Delft shows the invisible world of microbiology, with a special focus on biotechnology. Visitors discover the role of microbes on earth since their existence, about 3.5 billion years ago, and how they are used in biotechnology, for example by DSM, to improve products and processes whilst at the same time making them more sustainable.

You can visit the experience center to learn about microbes and the history of DSM in Delft until December 15th 2019 for free. The experience is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10.30 AM till 4.30 PM. For more information, go to .